Re: [Tracker] tag photos on import

On 13/02/10 09:25, Debarshi Ray wrote:
i working currently on a small project which interpret DCIM name system
produced by cameras. I started it to fix my photo workflow.


The programs like F-Spot are big monsters if you use it on netbook.
Especially if you use it only to import, tag and search photos. Most of
this can be done by tracker alone.

Shameless plug. Did you know about Solang: It is not as mature as F-Spot, yet,
and its UI needs to be tweaked a bit to make it work nicely with
smaller screens, but it uses Tracker for all sorts of things: tags,
exif, searching. However it does not do imports from cameras.

Normally all you see if you import photos from the camera, is a batch of
files. For me these are groups, like panorama, interval and normal
photos, audio comments and filtered or edited photos related to some
original photos. All of this is possible to interpret if they are on the
cam. After you import it this information is mostly lost.
My idea is to tag and group this photos on import, and safe this
information to tracker.

Sometime ago, on the Fedora lists there was a talk of a small
dedicated photo importer application:

Note that Tracker already sees mounted media and already indexes it (based on your config settings). So if you insert a memory card, those pictures are automatically being indexed for you (assuming tracker-miner-fs is running which it should be).

If this is not working, please let us know and we will investigate.

By-the-way great comments from Ivan here.


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