Re: [Tracker] Email Ontology questions

Hi Michele,

On Mon, 2010-03-01 at 13:41 +0100, Michele Tameni wrote:
Me and Roberto are facing some problem with nmo .
The use case is quite simple: receive email.

With nmo:from we can keep track of wich contact sent  us an email, but
we also need to know from wich nmo:EmailAddress the mail come from (to
reply directly to this address for example).

The idea is to link nmo:from to separate nco:Contact resources that only
contain a single contact medium, instead of linking to nco:PersonContact
resources that could contain many contact media.

In SPARQL this is most efficiently done as follows:

    _:message a nmo:Email ;
        nmo:from [ a nco:Contact ;
                   nco:hasEmailAddress <mailto:foo bar com>

Maybe, change the range of nmo:from and nmo:to to ContactMedium can
address the issues, but i'm not so expert for looking at side effect
of this :)

nco:ContactMedium does not allow storing the full name of the
sender/recipient, which means that you could lose data compared to the
information stored in the email header.


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