[Tracker] Enhancement proposal: Automatic reindexing when adding new extractors

Hi all, 

this proposal is about automatically reindexing a mime type when a new
extractor is added/updated. There's already a "Reindex" call in

Philip told me he'd like to keep tracker-extract as stupid as possible,
so the logic here would be implemented in tracker-miner-fs, at init time.
All extractors modules provide a function to know the mime types they can
index, but we want to avoid loading all the modules at start. Therefore,
a solution using desktop files is favoured. The desktop files would be
installed in ${datadir}/tracker/extractors and would have the format

Name=Foobar extractor

at startup, the FS miner loads all the description files and checks if a
new extractor has been added, removed, or changed its mtime. If
so, it calls the reindex method with the appropriate mime type.
To detect a change in a desktop file, a list of each desktop file with
modification time is kept in cache by the FS miner.

Ideas :
- Describe several extractors in one file
  That makes is much more difficult to detect a change, since only one
  in a file listing 10 might have changed when the file modification time
- Adding a version number in the desktop file, to avoid relying only on
the mtime
  of the desktop file.

Please tell me your thoughts


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