Re: [Tracker] Enhancement proposal: Automatic reindexing when adding new extractors

On 09/02/10 21:31, Adrien Bustany wrote:
Hi all,

Hi all,

I generally like most the proposals, but I do have one suggestion. That being that we don't store a desktop file at all :) but simply link to a desktop file instead. Keeping mime types in two places for applications feels like duplication to me. I would much rather have something like this:


This way we can simply use:

  - Tracker internals to get information about the desktop file
  - Simple file lookups to get desktop file information that already

The ShouldReindex is a simple toggle to know if we need to start a reindex or not. You could possibly change this to ShouldIndex=mimes so you only handle particular mimes? (not sure if that makes sense though).

You might want a name for the extractor which is not the same as the name in the desktop file it points to, but generally I wouldn't think that's necessary.

The MD5SUM idea isn't bad but I don't think we really need version in here do we? I am not apposed to it, it just feels like more data to keep up to date and worry about.

If we agree to this proposal, then we can also consider using one file with a group for each extractor with the above keys to avoid the extra files/etc.



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