[Tracker] tracker-search-tool does not print any result


Tracker-search-tool does not print any result since some weeks (I use
the Git master branch). According to the git logs, some work happened on

For TST, I turned the line #84 in tracker-query.gs into:
query = "SELECT ?s nie:url(?s) WHERE { ?s fts:match \"%s\". ?s a %s }
limit 100 ".printf (SearchTerms, cat)

So I am again able to get results. I see however duplicated items for
files I use to generate often (indeed some LaTeX index files), but
perhaps my modification of the query is wrong.

In addition, tracker-search does not return useful results for a user
(only "urn:uuid" things except if the user looks for a particular type
of file). But perhaps tracker-search is no more targeted to users but


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