Re: [Tracker] Mass porting to GDBus

On 31/12/10 10:08, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
Hi there,

Hi Philip,

We have started mass porting the Tracker project to GDBus. It's great
fun to join us while the rest of the world is partying 2011! Jeej!

Thanks for making a start on this.

We had already finished porting of and / or started using GDBus in
libtracker-sparql and in plugins/evolution. We ported the Evolution
plugin because GDBus gives us better thread safety guarantees.

We started libtracker-sparql using GDBus simply because it's written in
Vala, GDBus is better (in our opinion) than dbus-glib or raw libdbus and
because Vala makes any such transition super easy.

What we had not yet ported to GDBus was tracker-store, tracker-extract,
libtracker-miner, miners/fs, tests, tracker-writeback and miners/flickr.

In the branch 'gdbus-porting' I started porting of libtracker-miner and
miners/fs. With libtracker-miner most of miners/flickr and all of
miners/rss gets ported automatically.

I will now provide a list of things to do:

miners/flickr     : Adrien should spend some time testing this. The
                     miners/flickr/tracker-writeback.c file must also
                     still be ported

miners/fs         : The communication with tracker-extract is still

We should certainly fix this, a great deal of communication happens between miner-fs and the extractor.

libtracker-miner  : Testing -miner-object.c and -miner-web.c, etc

tracker-extract   : tracker-extract.c, typical DBus service

Is there any work needed here? I was unsure from the description you provided?

tracker-writeback : tracker-writeback-dispatcher.c, atypical DBus
                     service. Note that we have plans to do a major
                     refactor of tracker-writeback in near future.

tracker-store     : Full port to GDBus (JÃrg is working on this)

tracker-utils     : Little D-Bus usage (things that can't go over the
                     TrackerSparqlConnection) must be ported to GDBus

Not entirely sure what you mean here. AFAICS, the only old d-bus usage we have here is for the tracker-status utility. That should easily be converted, it is only done in two places.

Everything else uses libtracker-sparql.

tests, etc        : Everything that must be ported is still undone

tracker-needle    : Needle is using Vala, but apparently the old D-Bus
                     support of Vala. This should be easy to port.

Ah yes, not yet looked into how it is done using GDBus using Vala. This should be simple indeed.

Cleanup           : Cleaning up of data/dbus/* and generating of
                     documentation (if we clean the xml files up, what
                     will generate the D-Bus documentation?). Fixing of
            that had -glue.h and -client.h stuff.
                     Updating .gitignore files for -glue.g and -client.h

Which d-bus documentation do you refer to?

What I Forgot     : What I didn't list here, is also to do :) of course

I think you covered it all actually :)


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