Re: [Tracker] Mixed mode call log support

Hi Chris

 Sounds like an easy addition to the ontology that makes sense. If i
understand correctly, it could be a "call mode" property with a
predefined set of instances. can you provide more details? (usual call
modes and so on) how does this fit with voip call?



On 12/30/10, Schoppa, Chris <Chris Schoppa windriver com> wrote:
We would like to provide a call log feature that can support multiple modes
of voice and even video calls, e.g. GSM/CDMA voice, Video, VoIP on a device
that is using Tracker for its persistent storage.

nmo:Call lets you track who the call is from  and which contact it went to
and nmo:recivedDate lets you store the date and time when a call occurred.
I can use these as part of the call log, but still need a way to capture the
communication mode used for the call - especially important on dual GSM/CDMA
devices.. Are there thoughts in the Tracker community for additional support
for call log functions in the ontology, perhaps through adding "call mode"?



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