Re: [Tracker] Mass porting to GDBus

On Fri, 2010-12-31 at 13:31 +0000, Martyn Russell wrote:
On 31/12/10 10:08, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

Hey Martyn,

We have started mass porting the Tracker project to GDBus. It's great
fun to join us while the rest of the world is partying 2011! Jeej!

Thanks for making a start on this.

No problem

I will now provide a list of things to do:

miners/flickr     : Adrien should spend some time testing this. The
                     miners/flickr/tracker-writeback.c file must also
                     still be ported

miners/fs         : The communication with tracker-extract is still

We should certainly fix this, a great deal of communication happens 
between miner-fs and the extractor.

Agreed. I have ported most of tracker-extract to GDBus, except for the
actual method that miners/fs calls on it: GetMetadataFast. That's
because GetMetadataFast uses FD passing, and I'd like to wait on how
this is (to be) implemented in tracker-store (which also has FD passing)
to ensure that the style is going to be the same.

That's for the recipient of the GetMetadataFast method, tracker-extract

Same story for the sender of the GetMetadataFast method, miner/fs's : I
have not yet ported this part to GDBus. Although for that we already
have libtracker-sparql's code as an example (tracker-bus.vala implements

libtracker-miner  : Testing -miner-object.c and -miner-web.c, etc

tracker-extract   : tracker-extract.c, typical DBus service

Is there any work needed here? I was unsure from the description you 

When I wrote the E-mail, yes. Right now: only GetMetadataFast must still
be ported. That's get_metadata_fast in tracker-extract.c, to be called
at handle_method_call (line ~972, in branch gdbus-porting).

tracker-writeback : tracker-writeback-dispatcher.c, atypical DBus
                     service. Note that we have plans to do a major
                     refactor of tracker-writeback in near future.

tracker-store     : Full port to GDBus (JÃrg is working on this)

tracker-utils     : Little D-Bus usage (things that can't go over the
                     TrackerSparqlConnection) must be ported to GDBus

Not entirely sure what you mean here. AFAICS, the only old d-bus usage 
we have here is for the tracker-status utility. That should easily be 
converted, it is only done in two places.

That's what I mean

Everything else uses libtracker-sparql.


tests, etc        : Everything that must be ported is still undone

tracker-needle    : Needle is using Vala, but apparently the old D-Bus
                     support of Vala. This should be easy to port.

Ah yes, not yet looked into how it is done using GDBus using Vala. This 
should be simple indeed.


Cleanup           : Cleaning up of data/dbus/* and generating of
                     documentation (if we clean the xml files up, what
                     will generate the D-Bus documentation?). Fixing of
            that had -glue.h and -client.h stuff.
                     Updating .gitignore files for -glue.g and -client.h

Which d-bus documentation do you refer to?

The <doc:doc /> stanzas of tracker-miner-web.xml for example

What I Forgot     : What I didn't list here, is also to do :) of course

I think you covered it all actually :)





Philip Van Hoof
freelance software developer
Codeminded BVBA -

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