Re: [Tracker] Issues with evolution mail indexing

Hi, I just compiled tracker 0.9.30 to use with evolution 2.32 (since
searching in my mails is the primary reason for me to use an indexer,
that is just really useful). However, the mail indexing seems quite
broken. Some issues I have seen so far (just playing around for a few
1. I have a bunch of mails from "John Johnsson", one of them with the
subject "A really good and unique subject". When I search for John
Johnsson I see only one mail from this guy, and not the mail I mention
here. But if I search for "unique" I get a hit on that mail, and the gui
shows that it is from John Johnsson.
2. It doesn't seem to index the body of the mails (or maybe it is just
same issue as above)
As far as I know we don't index the body of the mails for performance
reasons, it makes evolution die...

3. The indexing doesn't retrieve mails for indexing. If I create a new
account with a lot of old mails, I need to click on the mailboxes for
them to get indexed (since evolution fetches the summary then). I
understand why this is, but it would be good to have some option in the
evolution plugin to force indexing of all mails causing it to just
download and index every mail. I don't know if evolution makes this
4. Searching for parts of words doesn't work as I expect. For example
with the mail above searching for '*que*' or just 'que' should give a
hit on that according to me since it matches 'unique'. Searching for
'uni' gives a hit with the current version, so starts with seems to be
ok but not contains.
I think we only support prefix matching, needs to be confirmed.

5. Can't open emails from the search gui
This is an evolution limitation. Yes, it is annoying.

6. The gui doesn't give much info for the emails, I would like more of a
list like the original evolution inbox view for emails.
A new gui, tracker-needle, is in development. It might be a bit better in
that regard. You can check the tracker-needle branch in the git repository.

Just some feedback... hope it helps.
It is appreciated, thanks!




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