Re: [Tracker] Relicensing tracker-extract to LGPL


 Please do NOT relicense yet. I'll cross check with the experts that everything is fine.


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Sent: 01 December 2010 19:07
To: tracker-list
Cc: Arunkumar Vidhyapria (Nokia-MS/Bangalore); john carr unrouted co uk; debarshir src gnome org; biebl 
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Subject: [Tracker] Relicensing tracker-extract to LGPL

Hi all,

After some internal discussion amongst the core developers, we would
like to relicense tracker-extract and the extractors to LGPL based on
this email thread:

I wrote a quick script which I have attached here (for others to use if
they so wish to try it out). The script lists the number of lines
written by each git author for a given directory of sources, which, in
this case is src/tracker-extract and using master from today.

The results are:

martyn petunia:~/Source/tracker/src/tracker-extract$ git-copyright-for-dir
This may take a while depending on the size of the directory...
Ordering data...
    4738 Martyn James Russell
    3937 Philip Van Hoof
    3517 Martyn Russell
    1613 Mikael Ottela
    1565 Aleksander Morgado
    1382 Carlos Garnacho
    1229 Jürg Billeter
     430 Amit Aggarwal
     288 Vesa Pikki
     255 Iain Holmes
     247 Murugappan Nataraj
     213 Adrien Bustany
     126 Tuomas Järvinen
     113 Ivan Frade
      59 Vidhyapria Arunkumar
      33 John Millikin
      13 Amin Jain
      11 Dariusz Wiechecki (EXT-Comarch)
       4 Juan A. Suarez Romero
       3 Saleem Abdulrasool
       3 Debarshi Ray
       2 Ottela Mikael
       1 Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
       1 Tshepang Lekhonkhobe
       1 Michael Biebl
       1 John Carr

I have CC'd everyone on this list to make sure everyone is happy with
changing the license of their code to LGPL. If no one speaks up by
Monday, we will presume agreement.

Note: All those working for Nokia in directly or indirectly have not
been CCd because all those contributions generally belong to Nokia and
Ivan should be able to OK those. Ivan can you comment here for completeness?


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