Re: [Tracker] [PATCH] Running Tracker 0.7 in Fremantle

On Fri, 2009-11-20 at 08:03 -0600, Michael Biebl wrote:
I don't agree unfortunately.
Honestly, I don't think it makes an awful lot of sense to run two
indexers at the same time and having new binary names at each new
major revision (-0.6, -0.7, ...) also brings it's shares of problems,
like documentation, man pages, wiki, web etc which has to be updated
(and most likely it won't, so we will have incomplete/incorrect

Well, very likely in future only Tracker 0.7 will remain. But right now,
there are applications that begin to use Tracker 0.7, while others are
still using Tracker 0.6.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, Tracker 0.6 and Tracker
0.7 can be considered two completely different applications. Yes, they
share some concepts and some names, and code has evolved from 0.6 to

But right now, they have nothing to do each other. AFAIK, Tracker 0.7
can't use information provided from Tracker 0.6, and the other way

Thus, if you want to keep legacy applications while running new
applications using Tracker 0.7, I'm afraid you need to run both

Besides, I just think e.g. tracker-search-0.7 looks ugly.

Regarding ending with -0.6/-0.7, yes it is quite ugly. But look how gcc
handles this situation: the real binaries are named gcc-4.1, gcc-4.2,
and so on. But links are provided so you actually write gcc, g++, and so
on. This was what I suggested, in case of following this approach.

But again, this is only intended while both trackers are living
together. I guess that future versions of tracker will be compatible
with Tracker 0.7, so it won't be needed to follow this approach.

While it is imho useful, if you can install libraries and headers in
parallel, so e.g. developers can more easily port applications to
newer version, I don't really see the use case for having two indexers
installed at the same time.

Yes, you can install devel libraries in parallel. The patch allows it.
But you must be aware that doing it, without having both indexers, will
be useful only to develop your application, but not to test it.

Devel libraries for Tracker 0.7 will be able to access only to
information indexed by Tracker 0.7, not Tracker 0.6. And the other way


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