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On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Adrien Bustany <madcat mymadcat com> wrote:
El 12/11/09 07:19, Ivan Frade escribió:

 We have also a very (very) basic HTML generator to show the ontologies in a human-friendly way. We need to complete it and add the generated HTML somewhere, in case you want/like to write some code. The developers are using the nepomuk ontologies and our changes start to matter.
Ivan, I'm also very interested in this tool :-) Maybe you could host in a git repo somewhere ?

It is already in the repo under utils/services/

It is mainly three files:
* ttl_model.{h,c} : to keep in memory the ontology
* ttl_loader {h,c}: to parse the ttl files and fill the previous model
* ttl_html.{h,c}: to print the model as HTML

Every ontology file (x.ontology) has a parallel file with some ontology metadata (x.description). At the moment everything works ontology-by-ontology: the links for classes in the same file works fine, but not between ontologies. [that is the next step in the implementation].

To see it working, run, and it will create a "build" directory with the HTML of the ontologies.

It is very basic and in C. I have been thinking about rewrite it in python, but the rdf handling seems easier in C!!! (type conversions in non-strong-typed languages are horrible...).

Note: there is also a ttl_graphviz.{c,h}. I was trying to generate automatic diagrams from the ontology fails. Fail.



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