Re: [Tracker] Tracker and Zeitgeist

On 15/07/09 12:53, Chris Coulson wrote:
2009/7/15 Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com <mailto:martyn lanedo com>>
    Note, we take the /proc inotify limit and only use MAX - 512 to
    allow other apps to use inotify too. We also should be using breadth
    monitors over depth monitors, so top most directories get monitor

I didn't know that. Has that always been the case? As a workaroud in
Ubuntu, we actually increase the inotify limit when tracker is
installed. That workaround was introduced sometime before 0.6.6 I think,
but it is not clear to me whether it was introduced to fix any specific
issue with running out of inotify watches. If you think it is not
necessary, then it might be good to drop it.

Well, since before I was working on Tracker yes we did something like this IIRC. I remember Ubuntu's inotify limit being a lot larger at one point and then they put it back down to ~8k.

It should probably still be increased for now, it is quite easy for developers or people with several checkouts of the kernel (for example) to exceed the inotify limit. I tend to think this is a corner case though, but I could be wrong. We have heard of people running out of monitors only a few times.


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