Re: [Tracker] Tracker and Zeitgeist

2009/7/15 Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com>:
On 12/07/09 18:28, Richard Hughes wrote:
Being blunt, to make it into gnome3, you'll going to have to make
tracker much easier to use, and also make trackerd use much less power
and disk space.

Have you tried 0.7 (and it has not had anywhere near the polish that 0.6

Yes, and this seems to get stuck at 100% cpu much less, but it still
uses significant power when starting up. For me that's a bit issue, as
if 1,000,000 machines all are using 1W extra (not that much) for 1
hour every day because of tracker, then you're using an extra 1MWh
every day. Also, when tracker is hammering the disk and doing the
initial index, it's using _substantially_ more than 1W. I can provide
power graphs if anyone is interested. all need to
stop talking about ontologies and start talking about use-cases and


The number of people who actually understand all this stuff, and are
capable of a SPARQL query without copy and pasting could probably be
counted on one hand. My advice: get a working search bar that real
users can use as soon as possible.


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