Re: [Tracker] Roadmap to 0.7

I hope to have a new UI (actually it will look quite similar) next week

It probably wont be as advanced as I like but we have plenty of time to
improve on it - dont need to do everything in one go!


On Sun, 2009-07-12 at 00:29 +0200, Pavel Rojtberg wrote:
The problem with developing a new UI is that it takes time and the 
upstream version freeze is already close for Ubuntu 9.10.

 From an application developer POV I would rather try to push tracker 
0.7 into Ubuntu than developing a new UI.
Since then I can start using the full potential of tracker.

Right now I am using the SqlQuery method with really hacky queries since 
what I really need is the SparQL interface...



On 10.07.2009 20:12, Michael Lissner wrote:
I'm not nearly as involved as all you are in this project, but I linger
around on the list to cast opinions about when something catches my eye,
as this has.

I can say that as a (somewhat lay) user of Tracker, the UI is about as
bad as Martyn says - it works, but barely. My impression was that the
0.7 release was supposed to be something big; something for the
community to be excited about. I can understand the desire to push it
out the door, but if the idea is to release a major version number, and
for it to be a big deal, doing so lacking a UI to leverage it seems like
folly to me.

I agree that we shouldn't try to push the community too much (as Phillip
says, I think), and that going with the flow is a good thing, but I
really hope we don't release such a poor tracker UI when the
architecture has been made so wonderously powerful underneath.

My 2 cents...


Jamie McCracken wrote on 07/10/2009 04:11 AM:
I started looking at fixing the UIs yesterday so hopefully should have
them fixed this weekend or early nest week-I might need to bug some of
you for improved sparql suport

Please dont release til we have them!

There also a number of things missing

Metadata rank weights-should be in ontology but they are not

I wrote the fts rank funtion but it needs to be use the correct metadata
weight and be exposed by spqarql so I can order results by rank

the rank function simply sums (weight * number of occurences) as fts
stores the positions and hence we known number of occurrences in the

for search tool I also need FTS snippets function to  be exposed by
sparql (its in fts and I modded it to be efficient)

The above is needed by search tool so I cant finish that off until that
is done. No doubt there will be other issues as I fix the Uis that
require mods to sparql

I also think we need the Events (onto, storage and possibly dbus) to be
added to that list. I can add it to the file indexer to store file
histories during indexing once its in our onto.

I would like to eliminate the Zeitgeist daemon as what they want to do
is most inefficient - get relevant data from tracker to a python
middleware process and forward it on to clients. IOW their daemon acts
like a wrapper around tracker and is therefore redundant not to mention
bad design!!! They should use a c lib if they want to wrap tracker not a
python daemon!

Also we should get tracker into Gnome within 6 months so clients can go
straight to tracker for metadata, tags, events etc


On Fri, 2009-07-10 at 11:00 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:


This year there has been a lot of talk around tracker which is really
good to see and also some applications like zeitgeist are interested in
using it too.

Through the week, I have been thinking about what is left to do before
we can start releasing the 0.7 unstable versions.

I started a wiki page with the details and have started working on some
of these already. If anyone has anything to add, please do so.

After speaking to the rest of the team (we estimate) we could release
within a month or so.

This largely depends on the UI too. Right now we are considering
releasing the unstable versions without any UIs and to work on those
during the 0.7 releases. Jamie has elected to get started on those in
the next few weeks.

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