Re: [Tracker] Notes as 1st class objects in Tracker?

2007/1/21, Filippo Pappalardo <filippo email it>:
Il giorno dom, 21/01/2007 alle 18.10 +0100, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen ha scritto:
Cheers, I'm the author of Daze :-)
Congratulations :)
Currently Daze 0.2 is blocking on some missing api in Tracker that is bound to hit svn in a few weeks according to Jamie.
Rock on! I'm keeping an eye on your inhteresting project. I'm also hoping to see Daze converted into a proper panel applet.

Daze will never be a panel applet. That's the whole deal! :-) One of the basic premises behind Daze is to have a zero-memory note app.

I have a few tweaks in store that should make it start up faster than it does now (which is already pretty fast for me). If any distros start shipping jdahlins python-launcher ( start up should be near instant.


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