Re: [Tracker] couple of fixes

Fabien VALLON wrote:

I can do tracker-metadata-ogg.c maybye tracker-metadata-mp3.c and tracker-metadata-flac.c

How to integrate that in trackerd, where should I look at ?

if we are going to allow writing as well as reading then we would move it in process into trackerd itself (providing it does not leak memory like some of the libextractor stuff)

The interface should be as follows:

GHashTable * tracker_metadata_ogg_extract (const char *filename);

gboolean     tracker_metadata_ogg_supports_writing ();

gboolean tracker_metadata_ogg_write (const char *filename, GHashTable *table);

in above cases, GHashTable would store tracker's metadata name -> value

let me know if you need more info.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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