Re: [Tracker] Tracker logo (was: Some observations about tracker 0.5.2)

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
2006/11/23, Radomir Dopieralski <tracker sheep art pl <mailto:tracker sheep art pl>>:

    Dnia Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 11:28:32AM +0000, napisale(a)s:
     > Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
     > > 2006/11/23, tpgww onepost net <mailto:tpgww onepost net>
    <mailto: tpgww onepost net <mailto:tpgww onepost net>>
     > > <tpgww onepost net <mailto:tpgww onepost net>
    <mailto:tpgww onepost net <mailto:tpgww onepost net>>>:
     > >     9. A while back there was some chatter about a replacement
    icon. Has
     > >     anything been done ? If not, maybe the attached will start
    that ball
     > >     rolling.
     > > By coincidence I was playing around with an icon myself... The
     > > version is still rough around the edges and need some more
    polish. If
     > > people like it I'll polish it up and do some versions in
    different colors.
     > >
     > > It is supposed to look like and abstract looking glass and
    flashlight at
     > > the same time... I hope it is relatively easy to see...
     > >
     > > Anyhow; what do you think?
     > we should have a magnifying glass but not sure about flash light.
    At the
     > moment it looks like some kind of klingon symbol :) (hehe no
     > Using the tango magnifying glass might be a start (IE the one we are
     > using in tracker and its webpage with a simple "T" in it). Im
    sure that
     > can be sexed up a lot more

    The obvious one:

Well, for a menu entry I definitely think the tango looking glass should be used. However as a project icon I think it is worn out.

Jamie: Klingon? I take this as the highest honor :-)

Maybe closing the shapes will take some of the evil empire/batman look away from it... Hearing the words batman and klingon associated with the icon, i kinda think it must be the coolest icon ever ;-P

I'll try and do some adjustments. If it still ain't good I'll scrap the idea.

well I suppose the ideal icon will be a nice magnifying glass with footprints/animal tracks (not GNOME ones!)

just try and use more than two colours!

Mr Jamie McCracken

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