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Le mercredi 08 novembre 2006 Ã 20:25 +0100, Luca Ferretti a Ãcrit :
Il giorno mer, 08/11/2006 alle 19.40 +0100, Laurent Aguerreche ha
Le mercredi 08 novembre 2006 Ã 17:21 +0100, Luca Ferretti a Ãcrit :
Il giorno mer, 08/11/2006 alle 01.05 +0000, Jamie McCracken ha scritto: 
Luca Ferretti wrote:
This is now in cvs for others to test - need to make sure you (devs) can 
all compile!

Great! I'll start working on further l10n support (other command line
tools, maybe a .desktop file for tracker-search-tool...)

I would like to add that debian packages do not treat PO files now.

"make dist" does not ship the intltool file built at ./autogen step, so
I propose a patch for that and to clean built files during "make
Without this patch, Tracker cannot be compiled from a archive generated
by "make dist".

Doh, that's true. I haven't tested the `make dist` ... 

About PO files, it seems that only one file translates all Tracker's
binary files. So, how can I produce deb packages which only contain what
they need :
  trackerd -> only translations for trackerd + tracker-extract,

multi-po is discouraged by GNOME l10n guidelines. And it's a mess to
manage in a proper way.

We can:
     A. add a 'tracker-data' package that could pack MO files and maybe
        in future stuff like icons, GConf schema files, glade files, gtk
        + XML menu definition files... (see nautilus-data in Ubuntu)
     B. put MO files in 'tracker' package (needed by 'tracker-utils' and

I prefer the solution A to have a package which only contains
platform-independent files.

I made a translation for french... and it simply does not work :-D
But translations are probably right so they should be added.


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