Re: [Tracker] Localization support for tracker

Luca Ferretti wrote:

OK, the final patch is attached here. I've just commited on cvs some
needed stuff to apply and test it (po/POTFILES*, po/ChangeLog and
po/it.po). You just have to update your cvs sandbox and apply the
attached patch to test it (more later).

thanks have applied

## Testing ##

I like to apply the patch to CVS, so all people can test it (sandboxes
without GNOME, with old auto*, old gettext...). OK to commit?

Meanwhile to test it, update you cvs checkout, apply the patch, rebuild
tracker starting from, install it, then invoke tracked-search
or tracker-search-tool using

        LANG=it LANGUAGE=it_IT tracker-search --help
to see Italian message.

I could not see any italian messages with that but maybe I have a config setting wrong.

This is now in cvs for others to test - need to make sure you (devs) can all compile!

Mr Jamie McCracken

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