Re: [Tracker] Localization support for tracker

Le mercredi 08 novembre 2006 Ã 17:21 +0100, Luca Ferretti a Ãcrit :
Il giorno mer, 08/11/2006 alle 01.05 +0000, Jamie McCracken ha scritto: 
Luca Ferretti wrote:

Meanwhile to test it, update you cvs checkout, apply the patch, rebuild
tracker starting from, install it, then invoke tracked-search
or tracker-search-tool using

        LANG=it LANGUAGE=it_IT tracker-search --help
to see Italian message.

I could not see any italian messages with that but maybe I have a config 
setting wrong.

You are on Edgy, aren't you? Tf you try to run a GNOME application in a
non-installed locale, have you a message error like this:

                luca redrum:~$ LANG=es LANGUAGE=es_ES eog
                (eog:14083): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C
                        Using the fallback 'C' locale.

You have to enable the desired locale. Open System->Admin->Language
Support, check Italian and Clic OK (keeping your default language). This
should enable IT locale on your system as available locale (unless you
can use only the installed locales).

This is now in cvs for others to test - need to make sure you (devs) can 
all compile!

Great! I'll start working on further l10n support (other command line
tools, maybe a .desktop file for tracker-search-tool...)

I would like to add that debian packages do not treat PO files now.

"make dist" does not ship the intltool file built at ./autogen step, so
I propose a patch for that and to clean built files during "make
Without this patch, Tracker cannot be compiled from a archive generated
by "make dist".

This patch also add missing manpages for deb packages which have to be
distributed by "make dist".

About PO files, it seems that only one file translates all Tracker's
binary files. So, how can I produce deb packages which only contain what
they need :
  trackerd -> only translations for trackerd + tracker-extract,


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