compiling/packaging tinymail on maemo 3.0 (bora)

Hi all,

Just to share some findings; I am a bit of a debian packaging n00b,
but the following seems to work.

1) apply the patch
	- this removes dependencies that are not necessary/available
        on the maemo 3.0 / bora platform
      - also it fixes the ICONV_10646 undefined issue
	- and it places the packages in Section: user/extra
          (otherwise the app manager on your 770/n800 will
          not accept it)
2) build the package with:
	$ DEB_CONFIGURE_USER_FLAGS="--with-platform=maemo"
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

BTW, there might be a problem running, as some of the m4
macros seem not
be correctly installed in bora; this seems like a bug; but can be worked
by manually copying the missing m4 files to /usr/share/aclocal. Ugly,
but it works.

The patch is not really suitable for non-bora tinymail, but hopefully I
(or someone
else) can come up with something better.

Best wishes,

Attachment: tinymail-bora-build-patch.diff
Description: tinymail-bora-build-patch.diff

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