Re: Introduction of the TnyLockable

Philip Van Hoof wrote:

>>> Go ahead, etc.
>> I have another question, �are the tny_lockable_(un)lock located
>> surrounding the g_main_loop_run really needed?
> That's a good question. In gtk+ code they do this. I have no idea why. I
> basically copied this from gtk+ code.
> I imagine they do this to "give up" the gdk lock (because the current
> thread is not going to run any gdk things anymore, as it will lock on
> waiting for the other now-in-charge mainloop to end).
> In such a way that the other thread (which runs a mainloop at that
> moment too) can get a hold on the lock.
> But that's just a guess. I havn't really in-depth investigated this, no.

Well, I told you that because I also didn't really understand them very
well at first sight, and it seems that I'm getting some UI freezes if
they're present. Once I commented all of them the freezes disappeared.

Anyway it seems that I need to review carefully that code, in order to
fully understand it, and to see if the problem is there or at the
application side.


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