Less urgent POP3 support assignment

End march should this be implemented. Please contact me if you want to
work on this. Maybe I can even arrange payment for the work (but it's
also not a promise).

Currently the POP3 support of camel-lite does not support switching
between offline and online. 

Most of the other providers implement support for this using the
CamelDiscoFolder and the CamelDiscoStore. 

Other than letting the existing CamelPop3Folder and CamelPop3Store
inherit from those Camel types would it imply implementing the offline
versions of all methods of CamelPop3Folder (and some of CamelPop3Store
too). This is not extremely much (it's very limited).

Another improvement that should happen in that POP3 provider is using
the cmd_list and cmd_builduid implementation functions of
CamelPop3Folder to achieve the summary support.

In contrast with the hack that I've put their, this would let the POP3
support call the TOP of the messages only once (at this moment, it gets
needlessly called twice).

Correct and good support for summaries is not really interesting without
offline support too. So both are important enough.

At this moment is the POP3 support functional through these hacks of
mine. This means that it works. But it behaves as if the framework is
set to "online" at all times. That's because all of the POP3
functionality in Camel can already cope with offline situations in the
error handling.

It's by itself not a bad test: what if the device went offline and what
if that event was not yet detected while the user did something that
caused online functionality to happen? That's a error situation that
must be dealt with in a non-crashing way.

Companies of people who are interested in implementing it (and expect to
get payed for it) should send me an analysis which SHOWS me that I can
have faith in a successful implementation. 

It's perfectly possible that I will be implementing pieces of all this
myself. So keep your analysis modular. Chances are high that by the time
that you finished analysing it, I already implemented it.

Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org 

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