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Follow up on this wiki page

On Thu, 2007-01-11 at 19:43 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> End march should this be implemented. Please contact me if you want to
> work on this. Maybe I can even arrange payment for the work (but it's
> also not a promise).
> Currently the POP3 support of camel-lite does not support switching
> between offline and online. 
> Most of the other providers implement support for this using the
> CamelDiscoFolder and the CamelDiscoStore. 
> Other than letting the existing CamelPop3Folder and CamelPop3Store
> inherit from those Camel types would it imply implementing the offline
> versions of all methods of CamelPop3Folder (and some of CamelPop3Store
> too). This is not extremely much (it's very limited).
> Another improvement that should happen in that POP3 provider is using
> the cmd_list and cmd_builduid implementation functions of
> CamelPop3Folder to achieve the summary support.
> In contrast with the hack that I've put their, this would let the POP3
> support call the TOP of the messages only once (at this moment, it gets
> needlessly called twice).
> Correct and good support for summaries is not really interesting without
> offline support too. So both are important enough.
> At this moment is the POP3 support functional through these hacks of
> mine. This means that it works. But it behaves as if the framework is
> set to "online" at all times. That's because all of the POP3
> functionality in Camel can already cope with offline situations in the
> error handling.
> It's by itself not a bad test: what if the device went offline and what
> if that event was not yet detected while the user did something that
> caused online functionality to happen? That's a error situation that
> must be dealt with in a non-crashing way.
> Companies of people who are interested in implementing it (and expect to
> get payed for it) should send me an analysis which SHOWS me that I can
> have faith in a successful implementation. 
> It's perfectly possible that I will be implementing pieces of all this
> myself. So keep your analysis modular. Chances are high that by the time
> that you finished analysing it, I already implemented it.
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