Re: Marketing: A first idea for a flyer

Oh, and ... yes I know I put Tinne on each picture,

If somebody provides me a picture of a cute other girl holding a device
that currently runs tinymail or something ... or adjust the flyer so
that it has your girlfriend on it.

I mean, yeah ;) .. whatever (I don't have other photo material, don't
blame me. Or do you want me to get on the street and ask a random dude
or girl to hold a mobile device while I make a picture?).

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 03:16 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> This idea would print on a A4 sheet of paper. You would have to fold the
> paper into three parts (at 33% and at 66%). 
> This is only one side of the paper (the inner side, the stuff you see
> when you unfold the flyer). The other side (the outer side) would be
> more simple with in the middle part the list of vendors that can offer
> you professional support for tinymail, on the first part (the front
> part) the logo and once device running tinymail (or Modest or another
> E-mail client) on its screen and on the last part a summary of features
> (a bullet list).
> So, like this (in case you don't get it):
> +---+---+---+ --> A4 letter
> | A | B | C |
> |   |   |   |
> +---+---+ --+
> A is the first part, B is the middle part and C is the last part.
> Note that I would be extremely interested in what other people come up
> with. I'm not much of a image designer ... I know.
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