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Hi Philip, others, 

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>I haven't yet tried to build using newer scratchbox 
>environment (for example ones for the N800).
>I'm going to let Dirk-Jan answer this one, as my personal focus a.t.m.
>is on IMAP code and the folder-observer stuff.
>I'm starting to notice that I need to focus myself on certain 
>things, and work serially, else code quality goes down drastically. 
>For this commit of yours I don't mind as packages are not yet 
>in a stable state anyway, and because it's mostly your work 
>(so I assume that you know better than me what you are doing, hehe). 
>But once they are stable, unless you take full maintainership 
>and responsibility of packaging-related work, it would be 
>useful to get a little notification before something gets committed :-)
>Dirk-Jan: we also need to get the maemo-device for the 770 
>back up and running somehow. Once we start taking things more 
>serious, stuff like that would bite us much harder than how it 
>did this time (only one complaint from a 770 user, but I agree 
>with this person that the Maemo-for-770's support shouldn't 
>have been broken).

There used to be _no_ support for either 770 or N800 (the existing 
tny-maemo-device was just a stub). So now we have N800 support,
but requiring the libconic breaks on 770. I hack it a bit to make
in work again, but to get the proper tny-maemo770-device will 
take a bit more time.

Within the next 10 days, the 770 version should compile again.
If that is not fast enough, I'd suggest to revert the N800 patch.

>> I got my N800 yesterday (yay!), so I'll dig more into the
>> tinymail+N800 combination soonish.
>> One problem I encountered in scratchbox was ./ complaining 
>> about libtool.m4 and one other .m4 file. Is there a 
>recommended way to 
>> link them in from the architecture specific directories?

Well, I think it's a bug in 'bora'. The easiest way may to just
copy the m4 files.

Best wishes,

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