Re: Committed memory improvements

Reverted this, I saw some memory corruption. Especially when online and
downloading new messages.

On Thu, 2006-11-23 at 12:29 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> Content-type info is now also mmapped. This is a major memory
> improvement (6% less memory in malloc'd heap, 6% more memory in mmap).
> ps. I really suggest taking a look at the TotalView debugger demo. You
> can do crazy things with it (the demo works only for 20 days, sadly, but
> I might invest what I earn from tinymail in purchasing the debugger,
> I'll check what the team license's price is. I think they allow running
> it over remove X11 that way).
> You can do most of what the debugger can do in terms of memory debugging
> with valgrind too. TotalView is, however, very nicely integrated of
> course. Pricey too :)
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