Re: Move and copy messages

On Fri, 2006-11-17 at 12:45 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> For now I don't see a need for that. And we don't have to use a pattern
> unless there's a clear need for it (maybe we even shouldn't, but that is
> of course subjective).

And if it's needed, the refactoring doesn't need to alter ABI nor API.
It would only add a get_transfer_strategy and a set_transfer_strategy
and reimplement the transfer_msgs method to call the strategy instance
to do it (and let TnyFolder require the subject interface, and in UML it
would aggregate and depend the strategy one).

Anyway :)

> +/**
> + * tny_folder_transfer_msgs:
> + * @folder_src: the TnyFolder where the headers are stored
> + * @header_list: a list of TnyHeader objects
> + * @folder_dst: the TnyFolder where the msgs will be transfered
> + * @delete_originals: if TRUE then move msgs, else copy them
> + * 
> + * Transfers messages from a folder to another. They could be moved or
> + * just copied depending on the value of the delete_originals argument
> + **/
> +void 
> +tny_folder_transfer_msgs (TnyFolder *folder_src, 
> +                         TnyList *headers, 
> +                         TnyFolder *folder_dst, 
> +                         gboolean delete_originals)
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