[tasque-list] Problem with repeating tasks

I seem to be having a problem with Tasque, RTM and repeating tasks.

I have a number of tasks that repeat weekly and as far as I can tell Tasque never displays them on the day that they are due or if they are overdue. Today, the RTM web interface shows me four tasks that are due today, two that are 'one offs' and two that repeat. Tasque only shows the two 'one-offs'. Is this expected behaviour? I'd expect each instance of a repeating task to continue to display until marked complete.

It is possible that this is related to some error messages I see each time I refresh the task list when running Tasque in a terminal window:

[Debug]: Refreshing data...
[Debug]: Done refreshing data!
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateCategories was called
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateCategories is done
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateTasks was called
[Debug]: Exception calling TasksGetList(list.ListID) expected '>' (3E) but found 'EOF' (FFFFFFFF) Line 2, position 15709.
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateTasks is done
[Debug]: Backend sync finished

I'm running a locally-built copy of Tasque 0.1.8 on Ubuntu 8.04.


Jon Warbrick
Web/News Development, Computing Service, University of Cambridge

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