Re: [tasque-list] Problem with repeating tasks

On 03/26/2009 02:39 AM, Jon Warbrick wrote:
I seem to be having a problem with Tasque, RTM and repeating tasks.

We don't really support repeating tasks yet:

It is possible that this is related to some error messages I see  each
time I refresh the task list when running Tasque in a terminal window:

[Debug]: Refreshing data...
[Debug]: Done refreshing data!
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateCategories was called
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateCategories is done
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateTasks was called
[Debug]: Exception calling TasksGetList(list.ListID) expected '>' (3E) but
found 'EOF' (FFFFFFFF)  Line 2, position 15709.
[Debug]: RtmBackend.UpdateTasks is done
[Debug]: Backend sync finished

Ouch, that is not good. RTM is giving you truncated results for some reason. In the past this was because we sent too many requests within the same second to RTM, and in 0.1.8 I fixed that. Do you get this error consistently with 0.1.8? Could you do me a favor and just double-check the version by right-clicking the Tasque icon in the notification area, and selecting About?


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