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About two months agao I've made a Tasque backend for NMapi (which at
that time was unreleased). NMapi is part of http://www.openmapi.org/ .

NMapi is a 100% C# implementation of the MAPI API which is an API used
by Outlook to connect to various backends like for example Exchange
Server. NMapi supports multiple backends, currently teamXchange (which
is free for 5 users) and support for Zarafa (which is a 100% open source
MAPI store) is being worked on. Push-Support for the iPhone and
Windows-Mobile-based devices supporting any of these backends is coming
as well.

In other words, there are some drop-in-replacements for Exchange server
available and NMapi provides or will provide a common API to talk to all
of them, regardless of the protocol used. NMapi is licensed under the

The NMapi-Tasque backend stores the tasks in a MAPI-Store, making it
possible to access them from multiple Desktops as well as from Outlook
and mobile devices. It also supports notifications, so tasks will update
instantly if changed by some application (e.g. Outlook).

The patch is a little out of date, but I would update it, if there is a
chance that it actually makes it into the tasque trunk. Please let me


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