[tasque-list] Windows support in trunk

Hi Folks,

Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd borrow some code from tomboy-portable2
and add Windows support to Tasque.  It's committed.  You can open the
solution file in Visual Studio 2008 or SharpDevelop 3, as far as I've
tested (I don't have VS 2005 so let me know if that one works).




1. Install Medsphere's GTK# SDK installer from
2. Check that this file has absolute paths in it (I had to fix it, maybe
it's only a Vista thing?):
C:\Program Files\Medsphere\Gtk# SDK\etc\gtk-2.0
    (for example, I needed to make a bunch of lines look like this:
"C:/Program Files/Medsphere/Gtk#
3. Restart.
4. Open tasque.sln and press F5.  Tasque should build and run successfully.

There are some weird things, a couple of icons that don't load, some
weird combobox behavior, but it should generally work.  Let me know if
you have issues.  You have my permission to file bugs for this.  Make
sure to specify the "OS" as "Windows" if you do.

There really shouldn't be any regressions in Linux but please file bugs
blah blah blah.

OH ONE MORE THING: If you add files to Tasque SVN, please remember to
set the "svn:eol-style" to "native" if it's C# code or any other file
that should be editable on Windows.  You can set this up in the
autoprops section of your svn config file, btw.  Not a big deal but it
can be a pain to fix line endings if they get out of whack.


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