Re: [tasque-list] Windows support in trunk (AKA Mac OS X Support in trunk)

Perhaps I forgot to mention this, too:

0. Install latest Mono on Mac release on your Mac.
1. Follow Windows build instructions on your Windows.
2. Copy bin/Debug to your Mac.
3. mono tasque.exe

The solution file probably works fine in MonoDevelop on the Mac, but I
haven't tested.  I'll make sure it works fine some day soon.


Sandy Armstrong wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd borrow some code from tomboy-portable2
> and add Windows support to Tasque.  It's committed.  You can open the
> solution file in Visual Studio 2008 or SharpDevelop 3, as far as I've
> tested (I don't have VS 2005 so let me know if that one works).
> Screenshot:
> Instructions:
> 1. Install Medsphere's GTK# SDK installer from
> 2. Check that this file has absolute paths in it (I had to fix it, maybe
> it's only a Vista thing?):
> C:\Program Files\Medsphere\Gtk# SDK\etc\gtk-2.0
>     (for example, I needed to make a bunch of lines look like this:
> "C:/Program Files/Medsphere/Gtk#
> SDK/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/libpixbufloader-ani.dll")
> 3. Restart.
> 4. Open tasque.sln and press F5.  Tasque should build and run successfully.
> There are some weird things, a couple of icons that don't load, some
> weird combobox behavior, but it should generally work.  Let me know if
> you have issues.  You have my permission to file bugs for this.  Make
> sure to specify the "OS" as "Windows" if you do.
> There really shouldn't be any regressions in Linux but please file bugs
> blah blah blah.
> OH ONE MORE THING: If you add files to Tasque SVN, please remember to
> set the "svn:eol-style" to "native" if it's C# code or any other file
> that should be editable on Windows.  You can set this up in the
> autoprops section of your svn config file, btw.  Not a big deal but it
> can be a pain to fix line endings if they get out of whack.
> Laters,
> Sandy

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