Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] GST 0.22 compilation error

Hi roberto,

El mié, 04-12-2002 a las 17:49, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco escribió:
> Unfortunately my platform (Mandrake Linux 9.0) is not supported, which 
> wasn't quite unexpected, and the closest one is ML 7.2, which is more of 
> a surprise as this goes back to ... well, I don't remember.
> I hesitate to mess up my working system testing GST, any indications 
> that they work under the latest ML systems? I can only urge a little 
> more ML support once again ...
well, as far as I know, Mandrake has not suffered any major changes in
its system files, I think you can try as ML7.2, and remember that
nothing can be "broken" if you don't hit "apply" :-). regarding to the
ML support, I personally have a 3,2GB HDD, where my debian barely fits,
due to this, all I can do until a hard testing (where I'll have to
uninstall and install every distro) is to beg some user testing :-)


> Ciao
Carlos Garnacho <>

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