Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] GST 0.22 compilation error

Michael Meeks ha scritto:
 > 	Hmm, it looks like a freetype versioning issue to me:
 > 	Dan - I had serious problems building anything on top of the Gnome 2.0
 > snapshots we ship on my RH 7.3 system; is it possible that we are
 > relying on some custom freetype on the build machine ? or perhaps I'm
 > getting ahead of myself somehow.
 > 	To fix it I had to downgrade my system to freetype-2.0.9 and
 > fontconfig-1.0.1, but then perhaps that's what other people see by
 > default:


 > 	The problem here is that the version of freetype on your machine is out
 > of sync with the version that was  used to build pango with.

I had to downgrade to freetype-2.0.9 too, after which compilation was
successful. Thanks Michael.

Unfortunately my platform (Mandrake Linux 9.0) is not supported, which 
wasn't quite unexpected, and the closest one is ML 7.2, which is more of 
a surprise as this goes back to ... well, I don't remember.

I hesitate to mess up my working system testing GST, any indications 
that they work under the latest ML systems? I can only urge a little 
more ML support once again ...


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