Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] boot-admin error??

On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 16:46, Carlos Garnacho wrote:

> Sure, try:
Looking good, I have some suggestions, though:

You shouldn't really need to show the priorities as numbers. They're
really just a way of doing ordering when you don't have any other way to
do it (a trick that works because ls lists them the right way, and it's
easy for the init script to do it right). The best way to do it would be
to just show the list sorted in the order things will start up, and have
"up", "down", "top" and "bottom" buttons to move things around (or allow
drag and drop, but then you'd have to use ETable).

Also, kill and start are separate, and should probably be separated in
some way.

The tabs are problematic. I agree with Arturo saying that simple mode
should only show the default runlevel, but perhaps the runlevels should
be shown as a tree view in the same pane, instead of as several notebook

How does the "add service" and "delete service" actions work? Delete
should of course only remove the symlink, add should probably present a
list of available init scripts (from /etc/init.d/) that you can symlink
in. You might also want to have the option to disable things to, that
is, not delete the symlink, but rather rename it so the name is prefixed
with DISABLED or something. As far as I know, init does not run the
script if it doesn't have the right name format (^[KS]\d{2}.*), so you
can disable things this way and still know that they're there. In fact,
this could be a replacement for Delete, because deleting things is not
really useful (or maybe delete should just be in advanced mode). Then
you can just have a column with a checkmark to say if this service is
enabled or not.

Additionally, you should have the option of starting, stopping,
restarting, etc. the scripts. To achieve maximum flexibility, you can
call each script with -? on startup, to get the list of options they
support (all scripts give an easily parsed list of options inside of {}
which you can split on |), and then have a mapping of known option names
to actual button labels. Here's a partial list for that:

start       Start
stop        Stop
restart     Restart
reload      Reload Configuration
condrestart Restart If Running
status      Get Status (pop this up in a requester, perhaps?)

What does Edit Service do?

Another very useful thing to have would be a list of known services and
their descriptions, short and long descriptions, short ones to use in
tooltips in the list, and long ones for a "What's this" type help
button. I'll volunteer to write this list for you if you will implement
it. In fact, it might also include a better name for the service than
the script name, so the list becomes really friendly and nice.

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