Re: What does "In file [heap]" mean?

On 06/15/2017 09:46 AM, aconway redhat com wrote:

No research needed, no bugs. Only happens with -O3 and without -fno-
omit-frame-pointer. Attached a proposed FAQ entry for future folks who
bump into this. If the FAQ is incorrect please mail me the corrected
version for my education.

Thanks! We only need the C/, translators will take care of
adding the page to their respective translations. I've modified (and
pushed) the patch to take care of this.

Tracing has its place (I like cachegrind/kcachegrind) but is so
slow/distorting that I only find it only useful once I have almost
figured the problem out already. So if you're short on time, I say
stick to making sysprof the best sampling profiler it can be. It is
already the best I've used :)

One thing we did when revamping stuff last year was to make the "data
sources" modular. So we can add tracing, Mesa GPU counters, network
statistics, GTK frame clock information, etc without effecting the
sampling profiler.

Coincidentally, if I manage to find time to merge the patches, this is
how we'll gain support for profiling SpiderMonkey-based JavaScript (via

Apologies for that snide remark. The help is actually very good. Kudos
to sysprof, I figured it out without finding the help. [Curmudgeonly
snark to Gnome 3 for hiding the help where I always forget to look.

Not taken snidely at all :)

-- Christian

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