Re: What does "In file [heap]" mean?

As Christian mentioned, when sysprof reports "in file [heap]" that means that as far as sysprof could tell, we are executing instructions in malloced memory. This is unlikely to be the case unless you really are profiling an application with a jit compiler, so most likely you are seeing a bug in sysprof.


On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 10:26 AM, <aconway redhat com> wrote:
First: great job on sysprof. The only "just walk up and learn
something" profiler I've used on linux. Not as flexible as some but the
near-zero "getting started" time is worth a lot of flex.

Now a question:

I double click on my program of interest. Sorting by cumulative the
first and largest entry is "In file [heap]" followed by functions from
my program. I open "In file [heap]" and find more functions from my
program, many of the same functions mentioned at the top level - but
with different (larger mostly) percentages against them.

What does this mean? Which are the actuall percentages of CPU used by
those functions within my program, or do I have to add them?

Sorry if this is in a FAQ, I couldn't find a FAQ or any form of
documentation. sysprof is remarkably self-explanatory (well done) but
there are some points that are puzzling on first contact. Id be happy
to contribute the beginning of a FAQ if there isn't one already.

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