Re: What does "In file [heap]" mean?

On Wed, 2017-06-14 at 14:13 -0700, Christian Hergert wrote:
On 06/14/2017 07:26 AM, aconway redhat com wrote:

I double click on my program of interest. Sorting by cumulative the
first and largest entry is "In file [heap]" followed by functions from
my program. I open "In file [heap]" and find more functions from my
program, many of the same functions mentioned at the top level - but
with different (larger mostly) percentages against them.

I need to do some research (I'm very low on time these days),

No research needed, no bugs. Only happens with -O3 and without -fno-
omit-frame-pointer. Attached a proposed FAQ entry for future folks who
bump into this. If the FAQ is incorrect please mail me the corrected
version for my education.

I would like to add a tracing profiler to Sysprof, but given my
shortness of time, I can't subscribe to that work yet.

I love sysprof because it is a sampling profiler and I can run it on
any random multi-process situation and get useful info right away.
Also, unlike oprofile, it doesn't make my ears bleed every time I use

Tracing has its place (I like cachegrind/kcachegrind) but is so
slow/distorting that I only find it only useful once I have almost
figured the problem out already. So if you're short on time, I say
stick to making sysprof the best sampling profiler it can be. It is
already the best I've used :)

Sorry if this is in a FAQ, I couldn't find a FAQ or any form of

Apologies for that snide remark. The help is actually very good. Kudos
to sysprof, I figured it out without finding the help. [Curmudgeonly
snark to Gnome 3 for hiding the help where I always forget to look.


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