[Snowy] ANNOUNCE: Snowy 0.1 "Chihuahua" Released

Hey there Snowy fans,

I'm very happy to announce the first ever Snowy release: Snowy 0.1,
the "Chihuahua" release!  This should be considered a very early
preview release, and is not yet recommend for public servers or
important data.  Do not forget that the diminutive Chihuahua in your
local celebrity's purse has a nasty bite!

For the uninitiated, Snowy is a web-based viewer for your Tomboy
notes.  It's written in Python using the Django web framework, and is
licensed under the AGPL.

Please check out our website here:

You can download the latest release here:

This release represents over a year of sporadic work.  We intend to
follow the GNOME release schedule from here on out, and aim to have a
hosted beta of Tomboy Online running Snowy 1.0 in time for GNOME 3.0
(plans subject to change).

Snowy 0.1, "Chihuahua" features:
* An implementation of the Tomboy web sync REST API (the same API that
Ubuntu One implements for note sync):
* OpenID support, so you can log in with your Google/Launchpad/whatever account
* Read-only online note access (notes can be made publicly readable in
the admin UI for now)
* A friendly Tomboy-like web UI for accessing your notes, supporting
rich text, note links, note pinning, full-text search, etc
* An initial unit test suite

Contributors to this release include:

Brad Taylor, Sandy Armstrong, Leon Handreke, Sander Dijkhuis, Benoit
Garret, Olivier Le Thanh Duong, Stuart Langridge, Adam Ziolkowski,
Andy Duplain, Jordan Keyes, Mike Gorse, Ray Wang, Shayne Macaulay

You can see where we're planning on going by checking out our bug list:

All help is welcome!  We'd especially appreciate help from web
designers to improve our templates.  Please join us on snowy-list, or
in #snowy on GIMPNet, and we'll help you get all set up.

Thanks for your support,

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