Re: [Shotwell] Integrate shotwell with gimp and darktable


3) Now the problem! Shotwell can not recognize that I have already
edited the picture. So, I have to go to
~/Picture/Darktable_Exported/Year/Month/Day/ manually and open the
photo in GIMP. I am looking for a way for Shotwell to look at
~/Picture/Darktable_Exported/Year/Month/Day/ and open that tiff file
when I  "Open with external editor". Currently, to my knowledge, there
is no way of doing that and Shotwell will just open the JPG that is
imported from the camera.

Any way of doing this?

You could make the TIFF the backing photo in the database. But that might or might not work because I think Shotwell assumes JPEG for the backing photo is some parts of the code.

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