Re: [Shotwell] Enhance face detection

I understand the need for keeping OpenCV code in a separate process.
Even so, I think we should consider starting this process as a
'daemon' when starting shotwell (controlled by an option) and
communicate with it over RPC from the shotwell process instead of
executing it for every 'Detect faces' button press. I will start
looking at adding an RPC layer from today.

Excellent! Please use D-Bus, that should be the easiest and is nicely
supported in Vala. I would suggest a private D-Bus, not going on
system/user/session Bus. (A small example is at https://gitlab.gnome.or
g/GNOME/glib/blob/master/gio/tests/gdbus-example-peer.c ) but session
Bus should work as well.

That said, do we expect OpenCV to link to a different GTK version in
the long term?

The OpenCV 3.4 I use in the flatpak is still looking for GTK2, so
there's always potential that someone will enable that combination :-/

Once the RPC is done, will try to integrate the latest from the
Sanva/facedetect repo and hope to get some basic face recognition

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