Re: [Shotwell] Enhance face detection

Hi Jens,

I understand the need for keeping OpenCV code in a separate process. Even so, I think we should consider starting this process as a 'daemon' when starting shotwell (controlled by an option) and communicate with it over RPC from the shotwell process instead of executing it for every 'Detect faces' button press. I will start looking at adding an RPC layer from today.
That said, do we expect OpenCV to link to a different GTK version in the long term?

Once the RPC is done, will try to integrate the latest from the Sanva/facedetect repo and hope to get some basic face recognition capability.


On Saturday, 23 June, 2018, 8:57:20 PM IST, Jens Georg <mail jensge org> wrote:

On Fri, 2018-06-22 at 10:48 -0300, Ricardo via shotwell-list wrote:
> Hello.
> In there is a vapi to link
> direct
> from vala to opencv without c/c++ in the middle. Some considerations:
> First, it use OpenCV 2 which cannot detect automatically the presence
> of a graphic card capable to use OpenCL.
> Second, in the last stable Debian the OpenCV3 is not available yet.
> So
> it would not be possible to easily compile it in Debian.
> In the vapi, the functions about matrix eigenvalues to recognize
> specific person faces are available too.

The nightly flatpak comes with OpenCV 3, so using Gnome builder +
flatpack might make that possible.

> I'm working in a new user experience -
> - for faces. If you
> work in bring the OpenCV3 to valadoc and use that vapi in shotwell
> probably we will not work in the same lines of code and we will not
> have much work in a merge.
> Phako, some time ago in a pull-request you mentioned that the use of
> c++ is not a big issue. Is ok to Narendra work in the use of the
> OpenCV vapi in shotwell now?

See my other mail, there is a potential problem of introducing an
incompatibility when linking against OpenCV directly.

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