Re: [Shotwell] How to delete a photo from the shotwell databse

Do you plan to remove the list of tags, and have one entry per tag?

The problem for my app was given a photo id, find all the tag table entries with this "thumb id" and then remove the thumb and write the data back, rather than just finding all the records with the thumb and deleting them.

I realize that not many people are going to want to process the data outside of Shotwell, but having a good description of the various tables and their relationships would be useful.

Many years ago I wrote a program to catalog photos (this was before I heard about Shotwell. It used a database system with full-text search abilities.
When I switched to Shotwell, I rewrote the program in Python, and added a virtual table to the Shotwell database to make Boolean searching easy. This I can use all the of the SQLITE3 full-text search capabilities to find photos.

I do all my photo editing in Shotwell, but use my program to organize them (adding titles, tags, etc). To delete photos, I used to just add a tag 'deleteme' then went into Shotwell and deleted all the photos with that tag. But then I decided to try to do the delete in my program, and thus the question I posted. I THINK I have it all working now.

On Tue, 2018-04-03 at 10:13 +0200, Jens Georg wrote:

The tombstonetable is for images that got deleted from disk without 

Also please note that I plan to clean-up the database scheme this 
unstable cycle,
getting rid of those generated ids, the odd tag handling and to properly 
geolocation information.

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