[Shotwell] How to delete a photo from the shotwell databse

I'm playing around with a Python GTK program to work with my Shotwell data.
Works fine. I can display images, search for tags, etc, make changes to
things - all works well.

I've added the ability to delete images - I can delete the record from
the phototable, as well as the photo and the thumbnail.

However, there are other tables that refer to photos (eventtable,
tagtable) that will need to be updated. Can someone tell me how Shotwell
deletes entries in these tables?

For example, the tag table. Given the photo id, I know the thumbnail
name. The problem is to find that name (eg thumb00000007f) in the tag
table's photo_id_list. Also, I need to find the photoid in the list as
well, to delete the Folders entry.

Any help on deleting entries from the various shotwell tables, given a photo id, would be appreciated

Larry Bradley  
Orleans (Ottawa) Canada

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