Re: [Shotwell] Problem with RAW+JPEG images

Does the attached patch help? The matching algorithm only matches
previous/next image, maybe the list is weirdly sorted so that some
pairs are not next to each other in the file list.

SAM_0237.SRW               SAM_0246_SRW_embedded.jpg
SAM_0238.JPG               SAM_0247.JPG               SAM_0264.JPG
SAM_0238.SRW               SAM_0247.SRW               SAM_0264.SRW
SAM_0239.JPG               SAM_0247_SRW_embedded.jpg

it seems some pairs got detected, some did not

Yes, basically the same issue as I have. When the pair is detected as
two separate photos, it generates an *_SRW_embedded.jpg photo
corresponding to the SRW (NEF in mine).

We need something to force shotwell to accept the pair it did not
recognize and delete the associated SRW_embedded.jpg

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