Re: [Shotwell] Problem with RAW+JPEG images

This also affects Samsung .SRW files.

On 2017년 05월 14일 21:02, Carlos E. R. wrote:

I'm new here and I have a problem since I bought (2015-09) a Nikon D3200
camera which produces for each photo two files, one raw and another jpg
with the same file names. The problem is that showtwell doesn't always
recognize them as the same photo. I have SW set to not generate an
embedded file.

The problem appears when importing. Like yesterday, when importing 200
photos made all within hours on the same day, which shotwell decided to
sort into 3 or 4 events. I think that photo DSC_2295.NEF went to one
event, and DSC_2295.JPG went to a different event, so it generated
DSC_2295_NEF_embedded.jpg. I didn't check this part.

When I see several events like this what I do is drag and drop the
events to organize in one. The problem is files like those above:
shotwell thinks that photos DSC_2295.NEF and DSC_2295.JPG are different

Well, in fact, in this case shotwell shows DSC_2295.JPG and
DSC_2295_NEF_embedded.jpg, but not DSC_2295.NEF, which obviously is the
one I want.

On another case, it displays both DSC_2340.NEF and DSC_2340.JPG. In the
file browser I can see DSC_2340_NEF_embedded.jpg as well, which should
not exist.

How can I force shotwell to reclassify those photos as the single photo
they are?

I am using openSUSE leap 42.2, and shotwell-0.23.2-1.3.x86_64, which is
the latest available on the graphics repository.

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