Re: [Shotwell] Problem with RAW+JPEG images

On 2017년 05월 24일 20:46, Max wrote:
On 2017년 05월 24일 20:26, Jens Georg wrote:
On Wed, 2017-05-24 at 12:58 +0200, Max wrote:
This also affects Samsung .SRW files.

Will affect at least all RAW files that come with embedded developments
or raw/jpeg pairs from the camera.

This camera doesn't have a setting to ONLY make raws, only RAW+JPG. They get imported in Shotwell aas two separate images.


here is a directory content from the shotwell library:

SAM_0230.JPG               SAM_0239.SRW               SAM_0258.JPG
SAM_0230.SRW               SAM_0241.JPG               SAM_0258.SRW
SAM_0230_SRW_embedded.jpg SAM_0241.SRW SAM_0258_SRW_embedded.jpg
SAM_0231.JPG               SAM_0242.JPG               SAM_0259.JPG
SAM_0231.SRW               SAM_0242.SRW               SAM_0259.SRW
SAM_0232.JPG SAM_0242_SRW_embedded.jpg SAM_0259_SRW_embedded.jpg
SAM_0232.SRW               SAM_0243.JPG               SAM_0260.JPG
SAM_0233.JPG               SAM_0243.SRW               SAM_0260.SRW
SAM_0233.SRW SAM_0243_SRW_embedded.jpg SAM_0260_SRW_embedded.jpg
SAM_0234.JPG               SAM_0244.JPG               SAM_0261.JPG
SAM_0234.SRW               SAM_0244.SRW               SAM_0261.SRW
SAM_0235.JPG SAM_0244_SRW_embedded.jpg SAM_0261_SRW_embedded.jpg
SAM_0235.SRW               SAM_0245.JPG               SAM_0262.JPG
SAM_0236.JPG               SAM_0245.SRW               SAM_0262.SRW
SAM_0236.SRW SAM_0245_SRW_embedded.jpg SAM_0262_SRW_embedded.jpg
SAM_0236_SRW_embedded.jpg  SAM_0246.JPG               SAM_0263.JPG
SAM_0237.JPG               SAM_0246.SRW               SAM_0263.SRW
SAM_0237.SRW SAM_0246_SRW_embedded.jpg SAM_0263_SRW_embedded.jpg
SAM_0238.JPG               SAM_0247.JPG               SAM_0264.JPG
SAM_0238.SRW               SAM_0247.SRW               SAM_0264.SRW
SAM_0239.JPG               SAM_0247_SRW_embedded.jpg

it seems some pairs got detected, some did not

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