Re: [Shotwell] Segmentation fault after EXIF manipulation

On 2017년 05월 24일 20:52, Max wrote:
On 2017년 05월 24일 20:24, Jens Georg wrote:

With photos selected, the Menu Photos consists of

Toggle Flag
Set Rating
Edit Title...
Edit Comment...
Make Key Photo for Event (greyed out)

That's in Shotwell 0.26.0
What am I missing?

Not sure. what are the exact steps you are doing? It still could be
that it got lost in that particular flow
Weird, now I have the complete menu with all the entries. Neat!

And now it's gone again. Strange.

I changed the date for some images, but they stay in the old event from the wrong Year, or?

I then dragged the images into the current event and a progress information showed up that it copied something, but the pictures weren't copied to the other event.


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